What Do You Do?

Sometimes in life I feel so confused. I ask myself: “am I doing the right thing?” I myself don’t have the answer to that question right away. But even though I don’t I look for something to relax me in that precise time. My relaxation is a big bag of chips and a movie that I am in the mood for watching.

When you feel confused or lost or even upset what do you do? Looking forward to hearing your comments!!


6 thoughts on “What Do You Do?

  1. abearbyanyothername says:

    Get into nature, find a tree. Trees don’t judge, and they have no expectations. They don’t care about my weight or my grades or my fashion sense.
    I walk in the woods, and talk to the trees, and all the judgements and pressures and stories fall away until it is only me and my truth… and there it is… my truth. Be sure to listen for the answers.

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