Our Hearts

Today I got up pretty late at 11.30 I was quite surprised that I woke up so late. I usually wake up by 10 am. I am home schooled so I study online. I take a lot of courses in different subjects and I just love gaining knowledge. It sounds pretty lame for a teenager to say that because nowadays what most teenagers want to do is just get wasted and throw their lives away.

There was a boy I met last year. We were introduced by my best friend so we hit it off pretty well. We liked each other a lot but the problem was I was leaving the following week back home. (We lived in different countries.) So we tried to enjoy ourselves with the time we had together. We both never drank or smoked we were clean in that way.

A week later it was time for me to go .He bade me farewell and we parted on good terms. We remained friends, really good friends. We told each other everything for a good few months.

After those lovely months he met a girl. He told me about her and he said he was falling in love. I was super happy for him, he meant a lot to me and I only wanted to see him happy. Their relationship lasted for about 2 weeks. It turned out she was only using him to get back at her Ex for cheating on her.

My friend was devastated with the news, he could not believe what had happened to him, he fell apart. He turned to alcohol and started drinking  almost every night. He drunk called me a week later after the incident happened and told me: “Why has this happened to me? Was I not good enough for her?” I had no answer to his questions. He started crying and hung up the phone. It hurt me so much that I could not be there for him.

A few days past and I found out that he was only getting worse. I tried calling him but no answer. I was so worried about him that I asked a friend of his to give me a call when he is with him. Exactly as I wanted happened I finally spoke to him, but when he spoke to me I was shocked. He said: “Please leave me alone, I can’t go through what happened with her once again”. I replied: “but we are friends, I will never hurt you in such a way”.  Then he replied and said: “you are much more than a friend to me, and I can’t put you through what I am going through it would kill me. So please give me time until I am ready, but for now just, just stay away from me”. His words hurt me but I understood deep down what he was saying.

Our friendship broke, and he could not get over what had happened to him, and he couldn’t see himself with a girl the way he was before.

My point of this post is, his heart broke, and he threw his education away, from the moment his eyes open till the time they close he drinks just to forget what happened. But by drinking nothing will happen. When you wake up in the morning everything goes back to the same way it was before.

Deep down inside I know he will change someday, but for now there is nothing I can do because I am 100s of miles away. Everything takes time, but in that time everything will surely change. I know that when our hearts break we think it’s the end of the world, but we have to get our hearts broken once or twice to find the right guy or girl. Once we find the perfect someone everything will be worth it .

Have any of you gotten your hearts broken by someone? If you did how did it make you feel? Or are you with someone you are completely in love with? Do share in the comments below I would love to hear!

I hope you like my post just as much as I enjoyed sharing it.



13 thoughts on “Our Hearts

  1. quotesandmore says:

    This is a lovely post. So sad for your friend. Even though you are a teenager, your concept on life impresses me! Just because you have a set back, its not the end of the world. Disappointments are part of life, never let any kind of disappointment hold your life back! As for being there for your friend, if you are not able to be there in person, the best thing to do is pray for your friend. Prayers can do wonders!

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  2. Rob says:

    Very welled penned! You have a natural gift, don’t let it go to waste by doing what so many do in these hallowed pages: give it up. You have very mature insights for such a young girl, and that’s refreshing. I am, as we speak, in a VA residential treatment program for alcohol. I can relate to this boys’ pain. That being said, your insights about the situation clearly show you know how to deal with it and move on. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. abearbyanyothername says:

    This I learned the hard way: When my heart breaks, stretch. Stretch as wide as I can bear. Pour my own love into the cracks in my own heart.
    That way, as I heal, and I always do heal, my heart is bigger.
    It still hurts – an open heart will always feel, both pleasure and pain. Yes, it still hurts, and now the fear is gone. I’ve done this so often now that I know I will just get bigger, and the pain will pass.
    So now when I get an opportunity to love, I’m straight in there with no fear. I give and receive as much love as I can, and I deal with the pain when it comes.
    And whoever comes or goes from my life, I am always there, loving my self and growing.

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  4. cattitudechronicles says:

    Greetings human! 😺 You sound like one of the more intelligent of your species (and those are rare)- especially fur a teenager!

    The human and I are impurressed that you have such a compassionate heart and the wisdom to stay away from drugs and alcohol – the human and I believe very strongly in the power of purrayer – we’ll be lifting you and your furiend up to the Lord!

    And we find your blog refreshing!

    *time fur my nap!* 💤

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