Every night I wish you would come to me. All the thoughts that I am thinking in my mind, I wish you could see it in eyes.

Sometimes I feel that if I lose you, even if it is just for that one second, I feel like I have lost my soul, because you are the owner of it. I have been waiting for you my whole life, and now that you are here I will never ever let you go.

Sometimes I think about the times we have spent apart from each other, and it strikes me, when you are not near me I cannot live properly. I remember every word that we have shared together. Your words to me I don’t just forget, but rather I cherish them with your every breath. Sometimes I catch you staring at me and that takes my breath away. Just to know that you want to catch a glimpse of me makes me shiver with happiness.

You know how to make my heart melt, like an ice cube sitting in the sun. All my hopes and dreams are to spend the rest of my life with you. And our hearts hope the same for us, to never be separated by distance, time or another one…

I hope you enjoy my post. This post is about what I think about sometimes when I am with the person I love. What are some of the feeling you feel when you are around someone you like? I would love to hear them!


10 thoughts on “Sometimes…

  1. Aqsa Rahim says:

    Totally relate to your writing style and feelings of this poem. I dont think that I can count how many times I have written about love like this 😁, but it really is admirable, and I think we can both agree that the outcome is truly beautiful.

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