Your Regret

Not a day goes by when I don’t think how wrong you were. After all the mistakes you have made, I can feel you regretting what you have done. Inside I know its too late for you.

Your words to me are: ” please forgive me, allow me to feel comfortable the way I was before”. But the only thing I can hear in your words is how you will benefit. By me forgiving you, you will feel happy, you will feel comfortable, you, you, you. When are you going to think about me, my feelings, my needs, when will it be me, me, me.

I know deep down you didn’t have the intention to betray me. I know it didn’t cross your mind at the time, but at the end you did betray me even if it was just that one time. Due to your betrayal towards me, you will keep on feeling regret in your heart, and I cannot take that regret away from you.

You have changed in a away I never thought would be possible. You have abandoned me in the dark, when I was all along waiting for you to turn on the light for me. There have been so many sleepless nights for me, when I just sit up and worry about you, where are you? are you alright? are you in danger? For so many nights I haven’t been able to sleep a wink only because I worry about you.

You were acting greedy all along. You thought you had me so you didn’t care about me, but how time has changed everything. You regretted the way you treated me so you came back. But now I am stronger then I was before and you cannot expect me to take you back.

Now its your turn to suffer. I was there for you but you didn’t care to notice me. Its alright, but regret and guilt has changed you, and will you be able to live with it? That is my question.

Sometimes we forgive a person because we love them so much. We don’t want to see them in pain. We think deep down that, that person loves us, cares for us. But in reality if that person truly did he wouldn’t of abandoned us in the first place, he wouldn’t of betrayed us, he wouldn’t make us worry about his whereabouts, but the person we thought loved us did all those things to us.

It is our choice to remain with a person like that or be the stronger person and back out. There in no point being in a relationship, or a place, or whatever the case is, where you are not valued.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy!





15 thoughts on “Your Regret

  1. Aqsa Rahim says:

    The benefit of this situation is that we grow to be stronger individuals, and hopefully not continue to make the same mistake for someone else that isn’t worth it. Amazing post; truly relatable.


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  2. At Margareta's Haus says:

    I agree with you A relationship is a partnership and each person should give and take equally. You can not love for the both of you. The love must be returned or one person ends up feeling lonely.

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