We All Need a Loved One

I was out with a friend of mine today, and we started talking about how we need someone in our lives, a loved one of course. At the beginning of our conversation she was saying “I want someone cool, smart, handsome, someone who will never get angry with my mistakes, someone who wouldn’t argue with me.” (Her list went on for another 30 minutes.)

When she wrapped up her list, I asked her “are you willing to be so loyal to this guy, the way you expect him to be with you”? Well as most of us can guess, her answer was NO.

At times we can’t help who we fall for. At the start when you two meet you might say to yourselves “there is no way that this person suits me, I am way better than that person, they are so naïve”. Some of us might think these things when we first meet this person. But after a short while, when you are with this person something will hit you, and you will think “why did I treat this person so badly? why didn’t I give them a chance? and much more will go through our minds.

It is never to late to be with somebody who you thought you would never end up with. Whether that person is ugly, not smart, doesn’t have a job, rude and much more. We should be with a person who we can relate to, share all our secrets with, bond with.

We have been created in such a way, that if we have to travel the world to find the person we are meant to spend the rest of our lives with, God will work in such a way to make sure we travel the world to find that person.

When we find that person, it is our job to stay loyal to them. Not expect the other one to do all the work in the relationship. We have to cherish our loved ones, be truthful and honest.

Love with our hearts and not minds. I didn’t understand what the difference was up until a couple of years back, but now that I know I only love with my heart. I guess when you get hurt so many times in life by so many different people you give up on this word ‘LOVE’, but trust me, one day someone will walk into your life and change everything you thought about so many things, they will teach you how to laugh again, live again and most importantly how to love.

Nobody deserves to be treated in a bad way, nobody deserves to be cheated on, abused, shouted on. If that is the case GET OUT of the relationship. Don’t be in a relationship if you are not valued.

I hope you enjoy reading!





21 thoughts on “We All Need a Loved One

  1. Aqsa Rahim says:

    Really loved this post. Truly beautiful, and painstakingly true. Let those go who don’t appreciate you and treat you with kindness; when you let go, you’ll eventually find someone who’s worth your love and time. Again, amazing post. 🙂

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  2. Veronica M. says:

    Omg I love how you said “love with your heart, not your mind” I totally agree with that!! And all too often I think we all try to persuade ourselves that sooner or later we’re going to meet someone who will literally be perfect and grant our “happily ever after” but the truth is no human is perfect, and we don’t need a perfect person to be granted our happily ever after, we need someone, as you said, that we can bond and connect and truly fall in love with. Standards and values are important, yes, but still, perfection shouldn’t be one of those standards on our list. lol ❤

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