At Times

At times when I am alone, Inside of me, I start feeling, feelings that have grown
stronger for you everyday.
I wonder at times have you casted a spell on me, to make me think so much about you.
My eyes are closed and asleep, but my heart can never rest due to it being dedicated
only to you.
I am resting so peacefully at times, but I get a strange feeling when I think about you.
It feels like you are standing right there. I yearn for you.
Even when you are next to me, close to my heart, I still long for you.
I will give you everything that is dear and precious to me, the most meaningful thing
I have, as long as I am yours, and you are mine!
You have become my life. I need every single bit of love from you that I can get.
You are my everything. One second with you feels like a lifetime, and that is how I want to spend my life with you. While you are my heart,
and I am yours.
Once you are away from me I am gone…
— —

We all want to be respected, treated right, loved, but we have to be able to treat our loved ones the same way. We have to reciprocate those things in return!

Today I spent my day with the person I like. We spoke, mostly because I love talking, but after he left I noticed myself thinking about him. Time flew while we were together and I just wanted a few more hours with him.  He lost his pet today so he was a bit more sad about that. We had an enjoyable day together, but now I want him just a little more…

I hope you enjoy my post and I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!


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