The Way You Are Towards Me!

I love the way you take care of me while I am sick. You are there for me during the
day as well as the night.
I wish I was as kind to you the way you are to me. I think I am taking you
for granted. I am not doing it intentionally if that is what you are thinking.
I wish you could understand how much I love you. That is the reason for my stupidity
and ignorance at times. I am blinded by your love.
Nobody else’s but yours!

No one would sacrifice so much for me the way that you have.
There were so many things missing from me, but with a blink of your eye you filled
them up for me.
The things that I thought were not good in me or I disliked about myself, you only
you ended up loving. Comforting me and making me feel happy about who I was.
You are the chance of a lifetime to get and I will not let you go.
I promise you that you wont regret being with me and spending your time with me.

You are the only person worrying for me when there is nothing major to worry about.
You are the only person that left his heart for me and is just waiting for me to take it.
You are the only person I need to put a smile on my face…
— —
When I woke up this morning I thought it would be a very good day. ( Sunday is shopping day).
Unfortunately the weather wasn’t agreeing with me and I ended up having a horrible cold for the rest of my lovely Sunday.
My parents were busy with their daily duties as usual, but lucky for me the person I care about is always there for me. He came running when he heard I wasn’t feeling well.
(Even though I  just had a cold, nothing to serious, he insisted on coming to take care of me.)
I started thinking, when have I ever gone over to his house and taken care of him?
It could be because I am still young and can’t just leave the house to see a dear friend, or is that the excuse I am using?
I feel like I should be able to be there for the person I like the way he is there for me.

I hope you enjoy my post. I wasn’t sure about what to write, because of my poor health today so I decided to just write about my day, somehow.


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