Enough is enough.

I cannot bear hearing another word from you. I was so honest with you. Couldn’t you be the same towards me?
Today, right now, everything has changed. Everything we were fighting for is over.
Now it is time to set you free. Use those wings of yours and fly.
This is the last time you will hurt me. I have allowed you to hurt me so many times, but now I am putting my foot down and setting you free!
We have nothing more to say to one another. Enough is enough, and now it is your time
to go…

Everything that is happening I deserve it. I admit it, I deserve it.
I shouldn’t have believed you. Believing you was the biggest mistake I could have made.
Everything I gave you, everything I taught you, all our moments together were a waste
of time.
Now I wont allow this to happen anymore. Go and be free, but don’t think I will welcome you back into my life with open arms.
For me now you are gone forever…
— —

Hi everyone. I hope everyone is having a great week! I know I am.
I’m sorry I didn’t post anything recently, I was pretty busy with my family. WellΒ  actually my family were more busy with me trying to keep me distracted from the house,Β  but my computer wasn’t working so I couldn’t post anything. Sorry…

Today I didn’t know what to write about. So I started thinking and I came up with my post today. Be brave enough and stand up for yourself whether in a friendship, relationship etc… Don’t allow someone to keep doing wrong to you, Stand up and say ‘EnoughΒ is enough’. You will feel much better, and maybe that person will change towards you and stop behaving the way they are.

I hope you enjoy my post!


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