So many problems are in my life. So many complications are there.

To who can I complain? Who can I share these problems with? Most importantly will I be able to open up about my problems?

I am glad I have you by my side, because it is only you who is keeping my thoughts at ease.

Many sleepless nights have passed for me. Only thinking shall I tell you or not yet?

The moon in the sky and the stars scattered around the night sky can tell you about my problems way better than I can. Even my heart is ready to leave me, because it knows I should tell you.

I want to forget you because I am hiding all these problems away from you. I shouldn’t, I know, but the fear of losing you is unbearable.

We made a promise to one another to tell each other our problems, the situations we are in, our difficulties.  My fear is if I tell you will you still be there for me?

I can’t keep secrets from you, and at the same time if I l forget you that will make my life a little bit more difficult to live everyday.

I feel us distancing from one another. I am beginning to feel thirsty for you love, but once I tell you my problem, I hope, just like our promise we will still be together!
— —

Hi everyone!
How is everyone doing this week?
Today my post is about honesty. Whether with your best friend, a partner, a family member etc…

We sometimes find ourselves in difficult situations, a problem we are facing. We think by keeping that problem to ourselves we are being the stronger person, because we don’t want our loved one to be troubled.

Okay, sometimes maybe we are right by not sharing our problems with our loved ones, but not all the time. Keeping secrets is not always a good thing, Trust me I know.

The truth will come out one day. Maybe today is wont, maybe not even tomorrow, but it will most definetly come out.

Try to be honest, because you are only causing pain to the person you are lying too, and sometimes yourself as well.

I hope you enjoy reading my post, have a great weekend everyone!





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