Not Good Enough 

Life is full of surprises. The people who we think are for us are not and the people who we think are against us are actually for us. 

Why does life have to be so complicated in that way? Our own family is out to get us if we make a slight mistake in our life to disturb them. 

Are these the challenges we are bound to face in life to successed? 

At night I close my eyes and think about the things I have accomplished in my day, and I think that I have accomplished something, but once my eyes open I remember that whatever I have accomplished to my family it is not a bit even important. 

So badly I want their attention but everything I do never seems to be enough. Why is that? I don’t know. I guess I am not the favourite child! 

Do you ever do something in your life that makes you feel so happy, but your family don’t react the way you would like them too? 

My post today is pretty random. Does anyone else feel like this when they accomplish something or are your parents or perhaps someone you look up to, loving and supporting to all your accomplishments…

Hope you enjoy reading, and I hope to hear some of your thoughts as well 😊😊


26 thoughts on “Not Good Enough 

  1. Rob says:

    Im probably not the right person to answer this question lol. I stopped giving a shit about what other people thought a long time ago. This is my life, I will not let others rent space in my head that don’t have my well being at heart. Just remember, we are hurling through space at incredible speed, who the *&^% has time to stop for jerkoffs, friend, family, or other?

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    • Thoughts in Life says:

      You are probably right. I dont mind if they dont pay attention to me the people I care about, but when I accomplish something I guess I want to see a smile on the faces of the people I love, not a comment “You could of done better”.

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      • Rob says:

        I am not telling you how to feel, certainly not, but I have learned over 5 decades that people will never give you what you want and need. You must give yourself those gifts and be content. Should someone then join in, it’s a counted blessing. I read you all the time, this is a common theme for you. It’s all right inside when you are ready to go get it…blessings

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