Why is it that I constantly find you lying to my face?
I stand by your side, I fight for you without knowing what is going on, but I still see you doubting me. Why is that?

Am I still not good enough for you, or is their another reason for all this secrecy, these lies between us?
We have chosen each other to love, we have given ourselves to one another. So how come the lies aren’t stopping!

Finally I am happy, but so I think I am. You have to come in the way with all your lies and destroy everything.
When I feel this close to peace you stand in front of me and lie to my face. I try to recall all your previous statements to me, but non are making proper sense.
Nothing is adding up to me. I am so confused…

What could be so important that you feel the need to hide things from me? Whenever you tell me a lie you are committing murder in front of me.

The fact that I know you are lying to me, and you think I believe your every word is shocking to me.
I used to think the world had no meaning without you, but now I think I was wrong all along.
You were stringing me along like I was a puppet getting ready for a play.
Well my Lover, guess what, your tricks and games have been put to an end by the same strings you were stringing me along with!
— —

Lies, lies and once again lies!

Are any of you tired of hearing the same lies being repeated over and over again? I know I am. Finally when I think everything is clearly sailing. A harsh storm has to come in the way and sail my ship in the other direction.

Hope you enjoy my post!


13 thoughts on “LIES!

  1. Gastradamus says:

    The way you ended it was remarkable. Very good ending, way to go. If you have the time than please check out my stories at Gastradamus. Would love to hear what you think about Blue Jasmine… Miss Scarlet and the empty voter

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