Do you think this is true?

Nobody wants a girl who has already belonged to another man. For some guys it is their psychology telling them that, for others there are unexplained reasons. ( I am not a guy so I cant go in depth about some examples.)

For a girl on the other hand she doesn’t care who a guy was with before her. If she starts to develop feelings for him she just wants to be with him. About girls I am quite sure because
A. I am a girl.  B. Sometime we girls simply just fall for a guy with his smooth words or cropped hairstyle etc…(I could be very wrong this, but I am just giving my opinion on this.)

So many reasons are there, but is it true that guys get affected by knowing that the girl belonged to somebody else before them?

A few guy friends of mine seriously got affected by this question I asked them. Only one friend of mine denied this completely, but the other few shared their thoughts with me. They want the girl to be only theirs. I was quite shocked at first, but than it got me thinking do we girls also feel like this? Do we want the guy to be only ours?

What are some of your thoughts about this? A friend of mine here asked me this question and it got me seriously thinking a bit.

I would love to hear some of your views on this- Is it true or not?



19 thoughts on “Do you think this is true?

  1. Rob says:

    Well of course that is completely ignorant of any man to think he has to be first and only. This might work in teenage years, but as time and loves come and go, it would be extremely immature and quite ridiculous for a man to feel this way. I will say, however, I have exhibited some jealousies when faced with the knowing that someone could have loved my love as much as, or more than, myself. But in mature love, that kind of reaction has no place, because if it meant that much (previous loves) then they would still be with them.

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  2. rommel says:

    I think being the first and only is irrelevant and pointless. I, personally, don’t care about that; and I think so as many other men too.
    We, men, do may get curious about our woman’s past relationships because, believe or not, men do care where do they stand in the “love/relationship scale”. It’s not just about being nose-y or jealous. We liked to know how a woman’s past relationship/s went because we don’t want to make the same mistake, we want to cater more and do better, and simply because we do care.

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  3. Chuck says:

    I believe you are speaking of the ideal of purity. That the number of partners a woman had is inversely proportional to her perceived desirability for a current union is culturally transmitted to men in various and by often subtle means. (Women are also aware of these cues and adjust their behavior accordingly.) There are some longstanding religious and legal bases for this, but the reasoning tends to boil down to a woman’s basic suitability (marriage, relationship, social and spiritual standing, etc.) and how it becomes marred with subsequent contact (of any type) with other men.

    While pervasive, people will have differing ideas about relationships so it won’t be true for everyone. Though you can get an indication a person thinks in the manner you described – and in what ways – by paying attention to their use of language surrounding the topic.

    “belonged to another man”
    “want the girl to be only theirs”

    These two examples from your post show a woman referred to as a possession or an object.

    “who a guy was with”
    “wants to be with him”

    Whereas these two express more of a relationship to the subject.

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  4. FNU MNU LNU says:

    I think that it depends on the individual dynamic between the guy and the girl. Although some may be worried about that with all girls, I believe that when it is a concern it is because of some behavior that triggered those concerns. Especially if he knows the previous guy(s) and there’s an issue of “worth” concerning the people involved.

    I think it’s less of an issue with girls, quite simply because it’s easer for most of you to find another guy, than for most of us to find another girl.

    There’s a whole train of thought about red pill/blue pill behaviors that might be involved as well.

    Women aren’t just objects. But an awful lot of men are made to feel that they are just wallets…

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  5. FNU MNU LNU says:

    To a point. We all have to realize the humans are creatures of habits that are hard to break. The best indicator of future behavior, is past behavior. If someone has a torrid and drama filled past and has a “picker” that is off, then who they have dated in the past could be important.

    There are two young ladies I was involved with, and knew about the people they had previously been involved with. Huge red flags, but I ignored them.


    Both of them caused me an awful lot of pain, and I could have bypassed all of it if I had been paid a bit more attention on how their previous relationships turned out.

    Do you know or have read any of the posts by Mark Manson? If not, I suggest you read this:

    Ignore what the title insinuates, it isn’t that at all. I wish that I had read it when I was a teen or early 20-something guy. would have saved me a whole lot of heart ache…

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