My Wound!

I get so upset with myself that I can’t control what I am about to do next. I look  at the wound on my hand and I tell myself: “What have I done?”
Tears start running down my cheeks, but before they can reach my chin your hand is there to wipe them away.
The pain I should be feeling towards my painful wound just disappears for a moment
because I know I am safe with your presence in front of me.
I giggle to myself seeing you feel scared while wiping the blood away. The wound is on me and not you and you are feeling like this.
You kiss my painful wound and tears start accumulating in your eyes while telling
me: “You know, when you get hurt I get hurt, so please don’t hurt me!”
hypnotized by you and your words I reply: “I promise no more”.
Somehow you manage to take all that pain away from me whether it is just for that
one moment.
You keep me warm while sitting outside, under the night sky with the snow falling
on my face. I don’t need a jacket to keep me warm, but you by my side does that.
How do you do this? Tell me your secrets, so in return I can make you feel how time and
time again you make me feel!
— —

Hello fellow bloggers!
I hope you are all having a great weekend.
I once again didn’t know what to write about so I got out my notepad and started  writing.
I hope you enjoy!






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