Could it be Real? (Part 1)

I always felt like me and you were meant to be.

Our communication was fluent, we trusted each other and we were honest with one another, But the thing that we lacked was a sparkle of love in our lives from each other.

The one most important thing to have in a relationship we never had. I kept telling myself: “it must be there, I just haven’t felt it yet”. How wrong was I.

If I never felt it at the beginning there was no way I was going to feel it after months of being together.

Anyways, my significant other recommended we might need some time off to see if by being distant from each other it might help us improve our relationship. ( Most movies show that, so why not try.)

I didn’t hesitate with thought and agreed. I did need a holiday. I took a trip to the other side of the country we were living in. Just me and a few friends came along.

“Finally we have reached”… I said, in a happy voice. I couldn’t sit for another day in a car. I needed to stretch.

My friend on the other hand, made me unload all the bags in the car, because I bloated out a sigh of relief while getting out of the car.  She said : “We were meant to be having fun. Even the car ride is supposed to be fun”.  “I didn’t think it was though”, I said in my mind. I didn’t want to be stuck doing more work. I was quite tired after travelling for hours.

Stuck with unloading the car with our bags I managed so foolishly to trip over a pebble that I never noticed was under me before.

Lucky for me someone I had never met before rescued me before I could hit the ground. I have got to tell you I never knew I could melt by just looking at someone in their eyes. His eyes were blue, the bluest I have ever seen, blonde cropped hair messy of course, and the most heart melting smile I have ever set my eyes on.

I forgot about everything, and just saw me and him.  Just by looking at him I felt the sparkle that I knew was missing in my life, and I could clearly tell he saw it too…

My cheeks started getting hot red I couldn’t control myself. “What was about to happen next” was the only thought drifting around in my mind.
— —

Hi everyone!

Some of you know I love reading stories. I tried writing, but never thought so much in-depth about it.

Now I found myself writing but I didn’t want it to be so long so I plan on writing this ‘story’ in parts. All the inspiration doesn’t come at once to me it takes time to flow around in my mind.

I hope you enjoy my story writing. Remember I love reading stories I am not so professional in writing them yet.

Hope you enjoy!






17 thoughts on “Could it be Real? (Part 1)

  1. Aqsa Rahim says:

    Love this!! I can’t wait to read more! 😀 Don’t worry about writing in a “professional” sense, as long as you have meaning to what you are writing, which I can clearly see; you’ll be just fine. Great post!


    Liked by 1 person

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