Could it be Real? (Part 2)

Part 2 – Introductions

My friend intervened and said: “Oh, what is going on here? Who is this?”

We both got startled. I quickly regained my balance and stood up still. I stood there silently. I was so nervous I couldn’t utter a single word. Lucky for me my friend is quite inquisitive so she pushed and asked again. “Danielle, Who is this?”

I started stuttering. Could I  humiliate myself anymore I thought?

This handsome guy standing in front of me finally broke his silence and introduced himself. “I am Trey. Me and a few friends of mine have moved here for the holidays. We just moved in last weekend. Right here actually, the house on your left.” I couldn’t believe that I was going to be living right next door to Trey.

He then asked “and what is your name?”

I tried to play it cool, but inside I was jumping like I was on a trampoline. “I am Danielle. We as well have just moved here actually. We plan on spending the week here.”

He invited us to a party that was on tonight. “I would be really happy if you could make it.” He said  with a grin on his face.

My friend started coughing. We actually forgot she was there. Trey asked her: “are you okay?”

She replies and says “I am fine just feeling a little tickle in my throat. Don’t you think we should be heading in Danielle?

“Yes, Sophie you are right, we have to start unpacking.” I responded.

Before we left Trey said “I hope to see you Danielle, and your friends at the party tonight.”

My cheeks turned red I couldn’t control the redness for some reason, but Sophie my friend responded on my behalf “Of course, we would love to come. See you later Trey.”

He looked at me and said “I hope I will see you later Danielle.” I responded quite calmly I think “You will just have to wait and see.”

Sophie and me headed inside. Are 2 other friends were already relaxing on the couch waiting for their baggage. “There you both are. What took so long, we are dying to get out of these clothes.”

I handed them their baggage and they saw my cheeks were red. They were wondering what had happened. Sophie spilled the beans before either one of them could ask a question.

Kyra and Ann were flabbergasted. (They are my 2 best friends who have accompanied Sophie and me on our small much deserved holiday.)

“Have I got anything proper to wear to this party?” Kyra asked. (Kyra is the life of the party in our group.)

We all started laughing. Was that the only thing Kyra heard?










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