Tell your Friend

Tell your friend to back off. I have made my mind up about him and I am not changing it back.

Your friend is driving me crazy and I cannot bear the thought of him anymore.

He told me to come closer to him so he can reassure me, but I don’t want reassurance anymore. I am done with him.

Tell your friend to leave me alone and take his heart back. His heart is already broken to me, and I don’t want anything to do with him.

He had forgotten me. What I was going through. He made me think that I did something wrong, when all along it was him.

You have no idea for how long I was longing for him, for his disloyal heart. He made me cry thinking I was responsible for everything that happened between us. With his harsh and cruel words he managed to throw me into a burning fire. I was so weak at the time I could feel ashes of myself drifting around in the cold wind. I didn’t have the energy to build myself back up.

The following day when I saw him I thought everything that happened was a dream, but no, he saw me and acts as if he couldn’t recognize me. All that drove me crazy, and I thought I was defeated, but no I closed my mind from him and started building myself back up.

Everything I had from him I threw in the fire. No more greetings, no more conversations, no more blame will go around. Immediately I shifted my heart around and glued the broken pieces back together. It was difficult, but I did it.

He said he would never leave me, “we are one of a kind you and I”. I believed his words and that was my mistake.

Tell your friend to leave me and my heart. Now that I am standing up for myself and accomplishing something he wants me back?

Your friend isn’t mine anymore. Tell him to leave me alone. The way he left me without even thinking twice.

— —

Hello everyone.

Today’s post is just an ordinary post about thoughts running around in my small head. I didn’t know what to write about so I am just interpreting what I was thinking. Of course this hasn’t happened to me.

I hope you enjoy reading!





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