I often find myself keeping silence over something that I should be speaking up about. I don’t know why I keep silence , it could be because I love my friend and I want to cover for her, or I know she is in the wrong and I just want to be able to help her out. Either way I know I am doing wrong. I shouldn’t be keeping quiet over something that needs to be spoken out about.

I know, maybe it is just who I am. I am not the type of person to throw my friend under the bus, but by covering up for her I am only causing more problems that are not required right now.

My heart and mind admit it loudly in front of everyone that my friend is in the wrong, but I just don’t find the strength to open my mouth and speak my heart and minds words.

Such a complicated scenario is going on around me, but I just can’t seem to find the proper solution to my problem. Technically it is not my problem I am just withholding information to cover for my dear friend.

She has such a sweet essence to her, she is so innocent, but one mistake can change everything overnight. I can’t keep my silence any longer I hope she understands. Deep down I know she will forgive me, but it will take her time.

This is not an easy decision for me either. A million thoughts are drifting through my mind. Half are positive half are negative, but I don’t believe negative thoughts help anything. Negativity only causes more problems.

I can’t keep my silence any longer, because I am only causing stress and headaches to myself, and hiding the truth is never the answer.

My door is always openΒ to you my dear friend. You might keep your distance at first, but I know we are so close we will reunite and be stronger together later on.

I hope you enjoyΒ  reading!






81 thoughts on “Silence

  1. Rob says:

    You know I always love how you use your mind! And how you write. I know you are not asking for advice here, sounds like you made up your mind. I would only suggest to do what Ben Franklin did when he had a difficult decision to make: he folded a piece of paper in half and wrote PROS in one column, CONS in another. Whichever list was longer, that’s what he went with, and he never second guessed it. Maybe try it here, or not, try later with something else, or not. Just take good care of YOURSELF.

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  2. rollyachabotbooks says:

    Great post and you are not alone as we all have experienced the same. I firmly believe the truth does set us free and when we approach it with a loving heart and mind it will set both free. Thank you for sharing… I do hope your speaking out has healed all wounds…

    Hugs from Canada

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