Could this be Real? (Part 3)


Part 3 – Getting Ready!

We headed upstairs to check out our rooms. We each had our own room, so we never had to share. “A bed to myself, finally”. I said to myself in a soft tone. (I didn’t want Sophie hearing me again.)

My room was quite cozy, but what took my breath away was the view. I stepped onto
the balcony, and that is when my eyes were set on the ocean. It was so quiet and peaceful. I felt in paradise. The ocean tides were so calm it was such a pleasant view, and I couldn’t wait for the evening to see the sunset.
(By now you must know we are staying in a beach house. Nothing fancy, just a cozy, comfortable house, for a few girls to have a good vacation, I mean a much deserved vacation.)
It was around 3 in the afternoon, I was exhausted, so I figured I should take a small
nap before the party in the night, and I was not the only one who thought so too.
I went to check on Ann first, but that is when I found her asleep. Next I checked on Kyra,
she as well was having a good nap, and I don’t think I have to tell you about Sophie what she was doing!
5 hours later I was awoken by rock music playing. I covered my ears with my other pillow, but the music was so loud, I felt like my soft, white pillow was a thin sheet.
I got up and went onto my balcony. I turned my head to the left and that is when I saw
all the bright lights shining, and hard rock music playing.
I forgot about the party Trey was throwing. I quickly ran and awoke all the girls.
Out of exhaustion we forgot about the party. (You can’t blame us though, we are girls we need our beauty sleep.)
I had a quick shower. I came out of the bathroom, and opened my suitcase. So many clothes were in my suitcase, but I had no idea what to wear I was confused.
I called my dear friends, and they were ready. I was surprised, I haven’t even picked out a dress yet, and they are ready. “How come you are not ready, Danielle?” Kyra asked.
“I don’t know what to wear Kyra” I said. The girls burst into giggles.
Anyways, they helped me with my dress. It was just a light colour blue. (My favourite colour.)
It was already 8.30pm so it was time to finally PARTY!!!
But the only thoughts drifting through my mind were about Trey, “What is he like? Will he like me? Will we have anything in common? Or am I just imagining something is there between us when nothing is, and I should think about my significant other back home?”
Hopefully tonight I can get the answers to my questions.

— —

Hello everyone! I hope everyone has a great weekend.


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