The only place where I feel safe is my home.
Living alone is not something I want to do in life, but if you are there you are my home.
I am so happy as long as I am amongst my loved ones.
My soft, white bed. I want to wake up on every morning. Before I make my way out of my room my family should be their ready to greet me a special good morning, the way they do everyday.
We might have fights, but at the end of the day I will always come home, because wherever you are my home is there.
—- —-

I am sure we all have those arguments with our family or friends, and we say things we don’t really mean, we are caught up in the moment that we are just hot-tempered.

 But I know no matter what I say, I will always make my way back home, because I cannot see myself spending holidays, telling stories and being happy without  being in my home with my family, and friends.


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