What Will Happen?

If I close my eyes and walk away, what will happen?

If you never saw me nor spoke to me the first time we met, what would have happened?

If you never approached me that first time we met, would I of stayed with you for so long?

Coincidences keep playing in our lives over and over again.

If I never accepted your invitation to see you again, would there have been another outcome between you and me?

I have known your eyes for ages. As if I have been alive for longer than expected to know so much about you.

when I am with you a strange feeling is sprinkled over me, an indescribable feeling is flowing through my veins. This feeling brought out all the darkness and boredom that was stocking up inside of me.

Everything was replaced with loyalty, kindness, love, feelings I had never felt before.

I do question our relationship whenever you are a far from me, I don’t want to feel betrayed once again.

Agony storms my mind and more questions are formed.

We have to take one day at a time to find out what will happen next between you and me.

— —

Hey Everyone!

How are you all enjoying the holidays? Did you receive lovely presents from your friends and family? More importantly did you spend time with them?

My post today is about having a lot of questions, about so many things. We all are confused at stages in our lives. We don’t know if what we are doing is right or wrong. We will never be able to find that out. We have to take it one day at a time and at the end of the day look at the outcome we have received.

Life isn’t suppose to be easy, but it should be happy. We have to put the effort in to make our lives happy lives!

I hope you enjoy reading my post !


38 thoughts on “What Will Happen?

  1. allylmare says:

    I’ll be on holiday starting tomorrow. I received quite a nice present from my secret santa. I didn’t really spend my time with my family because I’m working.

    Personally to me, choices in life are not just about right or wrong, it’s more to hold on the choice that you made. If its good keep it up but if your choice bad for your life, work on to making another choice.

    And finally, happy holidays to you and may you have a good day too! 😀

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