Underneath the light ultramarine sky, a memory flutters away in my mind.
My memory was created just today and it is soaring through the clouds.

Underneath the light ultramarine sky, I walk hand in hand with yours.
Our happiness keeps on building, and our memories are getting bigger and more memorable with each passing moment.

Passing by a serene river, what a joyous feeling of calmness passing through us.

Dandelions dancing with the wind and we join in the fun.

Memories of us two are now uncountable in memory, will they last forever or will
one of those clouds fill with water and flood memories of us two away?
— —

Hello fellow bloggers. How is everyone’s weekend going and howΒ was your week? Mine wasn’t so pleasurable, thank goodness it is over and a new week is approaching.

Today’s post is yet another random post. I combined a bunch of thoughts in my mind and made a post.

I hope you enjoy reading my post!








36 thoughts on “Memories

  1. itsmecupcake says:

    I can say “wow”. About my weekend, I just watch the Secret of the Wings and Pirate Fairy again. Not thinking about the exam week starting tomorrow. πŸ˜‰

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