Broken Bird

I know sometimes you may think I am a broken bird that cannot take flight no more.

I know you  think every time I fall upon the ground  I don’t have the strength to pick
myself back up.

Every time I manage to get my grip onto something I seem to lose myself a little more
due to you.

I am right here, I know you can see me but are you pushing me for my own benefit? To make me stronger or is it something else?

I feel like I am running out of time for this reason.

Confusion has started to make me think.

Unfortunately, this is not the solution, it is beyond my sorry mind.

I feel like I can break away from all this madness and rid away with all this sadness, but is this the route I am bound to take?

— —

Hello everyone!

How is everyone’s day passing along? Mine was pretty good and has come to an end.

Today my post is yet another random post that I composed in my little mind and

I sometimes wonder, do we remain with our friends because they push us to a certain
extent or because they force us to do things we never do?

I hope you enjoy reading my post!


28 thoughts on “Broken Bird

  1. Susan Honthumb says:

    I wouldn’t say you have a little mind. People who enable me support my weaknesses without realizing it. I am stronger when I make my own mistakes and pick myself up. Yes, there will be times I will ask for help and may need it. I will wait for people to ask for help instead of going into rescue mode.

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