I Wonder – Valentines Day

I wonder, why do I listen to his words when he speaks?

I wonder, Why at night does he appear in my dreams?

Without any expectation feelings of passion brought words out of me that I never thought I could utter.

I am muddled with what is going on.

Can I conceal the emotion being felt, just for a shortΒ while?

How can I not be tormented with the way my heart has melted for him?

Beautiful and exhilarating moments we do share, but is that enough for a heart to melt?

I am waiting, and hoping the feelings are not one-sided rather coming from both.

We catch a glimpse of each other, our eyes lock and warmth fills the room.

Desire has awoken in the both of us and no more absence will be held.

The thought of separation cannot be written because now we are living.

Finally, something we never anticipated for has occurred.

Our love has been engraved on our hearts and our souls have been attached to one another.

Tomorrow, next month, a million days from today we will not be able to forget what has happened on this unexpected day.

The day that brought us together and united us was a simple Valentines day!

— —

Happy Valentines day everyone!

Today is a day that everyone should receive as well as give a little piece of love, whether, you are single or in a relationship.

What are some of your plans for such an occasion?

My post is yet another random post, several thoughts were in my mind so I decided
to try to put it in writing and to make it match with the event of love.

The most unexpected things can happen to us when we least expect it!

I hope you enjoy reading my post!


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