Dinky Diary!

Greetings fellow bloggers! I hope everyone is well and doing well.

Today I am going to be posting about a fellow bloggerΒ Dinky Diary

She has been bullied by another blogger on WordPress itself and was advised to delete her old blog.

I find it sad and wrong that someone would just bully another blogger for unknowable reasons. Yes, we do have our own opinions but we should be open-minded and try to see across the point, instead of getting into petty arguments and fights over things.

So here I am recommending you all to go check out her new/other blog Dinky Diary

I love her posts on her first blog but I am sure her posts will now be much better. Nobody deserves to be bullied no matter what the reason is.

I wish her all the best and good luck on her blogging journey!





51 thoughts on “Dinky Diary!

  1. Jothish Joseph says:

    We are all unique and have a different prospective about our lives. I would say that people who don’t respect that aren’t respecting their own individuality.
    Every blogger here has every right to say what they feel there is no right or wrong. If someone thinks that only his/her thoughts are right then he’s in the wrong place.
    I too had a similar experience, it did hurt but I told him to follow his thoughts and I’ll keep mine. He ignores my blog now, but I don’t care. Its better to have few honest followers than a hundred opportunistic ones.
    And it really very humble of you Rebecca to come out in support of your friend. She’s blessed to have your support!
    Have a wonderful time!😊

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  2. thegeckoonline says:

    I always saw wordpress as a really caring platform, it’s just a place for people to express themselves and other people to say if they agree (or disagree, but doing so in a positive way) and it’s horrible to hear that some people are mistreating others.

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    • Thoughts in Life says:

      I strongly agree with you. I too found this platform really supportive in so many ways towards me, but hearing that another blogger was getting hate I didn’t understand why. It is really sad, because we all have our opinions to share and we shouldn’t be criticized in a rude matter.

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  3. scifihammy says:

    Dinky Diary – I find the best thing to do is always hold comments for moderation by yourself, before allowing them to be published on your blog, or deleted. Also, you can block someone from your blog by using their email address. This should avoid any further harassment. You can also go private, and only allow people to follow you that you approve of.
    I’m sorry this happened to you, but don’t give up. Most of us here in WP land are nice people – such as Thoughts in Life who is supporting you here. πŸ™‚

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  4. sophiethestark says:

    That is sick… I’m sorry your friend had to go through that 😦 The book community is great but it can also be a a very toxic place sometimes. Mostly because of certain individuals who go out of their way to make others miserable. Unfortunately, there’s little that can be done in such cases except block the person and warn others about it. Cyberbullying is a real thing and we all need to stick together and fight it.
    I’ll go check out her new blog now πŸ™‚

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    • Thoughts in Life says:

      I strongly agree with you! I guess nowadays cyber bullying can be done because everyone is hiding behind an online avatar. I don’t think a person would really say bad things with their own identities. What do you think?

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      • sophiethestark says:

        Yes, definitely. Anonymity gives people the confidence to do their worst since they know they won’t get caught and therefore won’t suffer the consequences of their actions.
        Also, bullies usually lack courage so when confronted face to face or when realization hits them that they might be in disadvantage, they will step back immediately. That’s not possible online, so they get especially daring.

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  5. Simply-Me says:

    That’s very sad to hear, no one should be bullied regardless of who, what, where and why.

    However I would encourage her to keep her old blog and not allow bullies to change her blog because maybe that’s what they want, sometimes jealousy can play a roll.

    Thank you for sharing I’ll sure check her blog.

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  6. lysseliz says:

    It seems cyberbully remains the biggest threat among internet users, it’s really nice knowing she didn’t commit any rascal behavior. She decided to keep her optimism and continues on blogging, a tons of credit for her! By chance… are you two close friends?

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