The Cramm Award

Hello Bloggers everywhere! How is the weekend going for you all?

Today I will be doing another award post.

This award is a little different. This award was created by theCramm to help get savvy, awesome bloggers recognized. (BTW – those are the types of peeps waking up with theCramm every AM.) It is also an interesting, tongue-in-cheek way of getting the news, designed by a teen for kids, teens, and young adults alike.

I was nominated by a few bloggers, they all are amazing bloggers in their own way and post amazing posts. Do check their blogs out. If I forgot anyone that nominated me I do apologize, I lost track a little bit.

The Rules for this Award are:

  • Include that little tidbit about who created this (epic) award (with a link to the website)
  • Mention the person who nominated you
  • Share three things that motivate you to blog
  • Share three people who inspire you to blog
  • Share one thing you hope to do to improve the world
  • Answer your challenge question
  • Nominate 10+ bloggers and give them a fun “challenge question”

The Three Things That Motivate Me to Blog Are:

  • Life. Everyday is a gift to get up and do something new, and just being able to live another day on this earth is the biggest motivation ever.
  • People. Throughout life people have come and gone, but everyone that has come into our lives have taught us or motivated us in someway or another.
  • Being able to be there for others. I was not able to communicate with my family through the problems I was going through in my younger days, but I managed to get through it myself. The thought of being able to help people motivates me to blog and be the very best I can be.

The Three People Who Inspire Me to Blog Are:

  • My Family. They are always there for me no matter what. My mum has taught me and is still teaching me everyday something new about life and I am so thankful. And my brother. Even though he is younger than me he has his inspiring moments.
  • God. God is the only reason why I am on this earth. God has done so many things for all of us in different ways. Being able to live my life and learn from different experiences is all thanks to God.
  • Fellow Bloggers. Everyone on our amazing community has a story to tell. As a reader you all are my biggest inspiration and you all inspire me to keep on going as a young blogger in this large community.

One Thing I Hope To Do To Improve the World:

Some of you bloggers might already know the answer to this question and it is, being able to help people around the world who live in poverty and in bad conditions to help them live their lives in a more meaningful way and in a better and more secure environment. I am still young and there is much more I would love to do for this world but for now this is something I would love to accomplish in my years to come.

My Challenge Question(s):

Your Rose Awaits What is one goal you hope to accomplish this year?
Complete my studies for my year and concentrate more on my family’s business.

Rainbow Girl – In three days, the internet will stop working. Permanently. No one can fix it. What do you do in those three days?
I would research everything that I might be seeking answers for that I don’t research on a day-to-day basis.

gracie chick –  If you could team up with someone to create a movement for change, who would it be, why would it be them and what would your movement focus on?
I would team up with my family itself. It would be them because we know together as a united family we can achieve what we are fighting for. The cause would be reducing poverty through empowerment.

Sarah  If you were forced to choose between losing an arm or never being able to use technology for the rest of your life, which would you prefer to sacrifice?
I would rather lose technology than my arms. Technology is not everything in life. Books are always there for us, but if we lose one of our arms we are restricted to doing so many things that we could have been able to do.

These challenge questions were pretty hard I have taken a very long time to think of my answers to them.

The Bloggers I Nominate Are:

Write Ally! Write!

A Frenzied Lifestyle


Jirah Merizz


Leila Samarrai

My Bella Figura


Sophia Alisa Ali

My Question For The Nominees is:

If you had the power to change someone’s future whose future would you change? And why would you?

That’s it for this amazing new Cramm Award! I enjoyed it a lot, and I am so glad I completed it.

Thank you once again to all of you who nominated me, I appreciate it so much.

I hope you enjoy reading my long post!







38 thoughts on “The Cramm Award

  1. Leila Samarrai says:

    Thank you.

    If I had the power to change someone’s future, I would change the future of starving children in Africa, kiddies with protruding stomachs, on the verge of death, in Ethiopia, in southern Sudan, I would feed the future of the children who in some parts of the world are claimed to be wiccans sentenced to perpetual hunger without parole.

    Why would I do that? Am I just following my human commitment, my will or my sacred “yes”? If I put aside my unmasked vulnerability towards this great matter, I think the best answer is given by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche:

    “The child is innocence and forgetting, a new beginning, a game, a self-propelled wheel, a first movement, a sacred “Yes.” For the game of creation, my brothers, a sacred “Yes” is needed: the spirit now wills his own will, and he who had been lost to the world now conquers the world.”

    So, the answer is:
    To create new values. To tame Dragon’s sacred “No”. By converting a lion into a child, by nourishing spirits of innocents that bear too much, we will change the whole world, for we all need warmth – the thing possible to be loved in a (hu)man.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Thoughts in Life says:

      Such a great answer! I love your ambition and how you wish to help the underprivileged around different parts of the world. We need more kind hearted and inspiring people like you in this big world! We are born for a reason we have to fulfill that reason 😊


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