Walk Away

Let me make something clear, I don’t like to be bossed around, and I don’t want to
be treated disrespectfully. If you can treat me kindly in a way, I will do the same
in return. It is only fair.
Do me a favour, when we fight don’t threaten me. I have only done something wrong once, It doesn’t mean I will keep on doing it over and over again.
At times you make me feel like all the love you filled me with, has to exit my body through the wounds on my skin and on my heart.
Please find somebody else to treat like this, because I won’t sit around dealing  with all this, the way you think I will.
You say you want me to stay, but if I stay I will only be putting myself in danger.
It will hurt me a lot if I distance myself from you, but at least I will be safe and happy, and that is all I care about, my well-being.

I know it is hard to be away from a loved one, but don’t be with that loved one if they don’t respect you.

I promise you I will walk away and I won’t utter a word of what has happened  between us. I will hold my sorrow as a smile and carry the wound you have  inflicted upon me and walk away!

Today I didn’t know what to write about. So I told myself why not get creative!
I started thinking and thinking and I came up with my post ‘Walk away’.
Be brave enough to ‘walk away’ from a relationship if you are not being valued
the way you want to be.
Be happy with your life and don’t allow anybody to make you feel miserable.

I hope you enjoy my post!



68 thoughts on “Walk Away

  1. Rob says:

    Gosh, if this is a true and honest write, you don’t deserve any suggestion of being hurt whatsoever! That is so not ok on so many levels. I particularly liked:

    “At times you make me feel like all the love you filled me with, has to exit my body with
    the wounds on my skin and on my heart.”

    powerful stuff. Be well

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    • Thoughts in Life says:

      Exactly! I know so many people who do hang on. Why do they hang on? They just can’t see themselves with anyone better. But we have to remember that people will come and go in our lives but we choose who will stay for the better 😊😊


  2. ❀︎ Just Me ❀︎ says:

    Wow. A repost from 5 months ago. I hope that you’re ok.
    When you say: “At times you make me feel like all the love you filled me with…..” it makes me cringe.
    How does anyone have the power to make you feel anything? Don’t you own those feelings? I understand reacting to someone, but to give THEM the power to “make you feel” smells like weakness to me.
    And, “the love you filled me with….” implies that someone else has to fill you up. That makes me sad. I hope that you find your way to filling yourself up so that another doesn’t have that burden. No one will ever be able to “fill you up” better than you can fill yourself up with self-love and self-esteem.
    I hope after 5 months you’ve learned from this and grown. Be well. β₯

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  3. Liv β™‘ says:

    This is so true girly! I’m officially in love with this blog. xD
    Also, I was wondering if you’d be interested in my blog designing services. Usually, I charge, but I’ll make an exception for you. :)) Take a look at my blog for an example of what my work looks like and let me know if you’d be interested! I can’t wait to see more posts from you and hope you have a great day!

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  4. chetnagoyal says:

    loved this blog.
    but sometimes walking away if difficult even though we know other person is not treating as well and but still we keep on holding the things that one day everything might become perfect

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