We Are Unbreakable

No matter how much I try to forget about our sweet moments, our once in a lifetime dreams, I just can’t seem to forget.

Pain, and disappointment is enough to destroy a relationship, but between us it makes us stronger.

Yes, I must be sounding mad, but still trusting each other through all our difficult obstacles, that is a true accomplishment.

We have hurt each other in unforgivable ways. Whatever we did we didn’t mean to do, but the pressure pushed us to a limit to do the unthinkable.

If I could turn the hands on the clock backwards I would explain to you the whole situation, before putting you in it.

Unfortunately I cannot do that, we have to believe each other by our words, emotions we express to one another, and expressions that are on our faces.

You are the reason for my living today in this world, I am all alone if you are not there.

No matter what you and I face in this world, we will overcome it, because if we have gone through so much and still not parted we can keep on going without parting…

— —

Hello everyone!

I have been feeling under the weather recently, so I didn’t feel like stressing my mind and thinking in-depth about topics.

I decided to just write down a few things on the top of my mind that have been distracting me from my main focus.

I hope you enjoy my post!




38 thoughts on “We Are Unbreakable

  1. chaos-xd says:

    Sometimes negativity, jealousy, aggression or even just a bad mood can sabotage a relationship to an irreversible state, where we’ll only be left with loneliness and regret. Like my chapters “red birds” & “white features”
    Always remember to cherish the happy moments while it lasts & never take anything for granted! Much love! xoxo ✌❀

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