I want to become so many things in my life, but I don’t want to if you are not there beside me.

At times I feel empty. Something is missing inside of me, but I don’t know what can fill that small piece left in me that needs filling up.

That is the reason why I feel like taking time off from my life. 

A day, a month maybe a year, but I know that I need to be alone for sometime.

I just hope that if I go far away from that special someone I love, he won’t forget about me. That when he closes his eyes my face will be in his mind, and when he opens his eyes I will be right in front of him.

When you look into my eyes I feel love for you that is not meant for anybody else.

When I look at you, you take my soul, my heart, everything I have with you.

The first time I saw you I gave my heart to you immediately. Your love changed who I was. You took me into a whole new world and now I don’t want to go back.

When I am with you time goes by so fast. It feels as if I have only been with you for a few seconds.

I know deep down that if I go away for a day, a month or even a year you will come with me. Our love is not something that can be found everyday, but rather one that will only come along only once in a lifetime!

I hope you enjoy reading my little love, love, love… (I am sorry I don’t know what to call it, but I guess I will call it Love!)


19 thoughts on “Love!

  1. abearbyanyothername says:

    Be sure and love yourself this much. Be sure to fill your own heart, so that you have love to give.
    Be sure to remember that the most precious, sacred, special person in the world is you, and from that strength and beauty reach out to share with other beautiful hearts.
    All love starts with self love.

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  2. Jothish Joseph says:

    “I want to become so many things in my life, but I don’t want to if you are not there.”…..the first line of your post caught my attention, maybe because it’s something I have experienced in life. I assume you too put this down out of real life experience.

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