If I could control the hurricane that swirls around in my life I would be able
to change the determination and thoughts of the ones around me as well as in me.

The wind that lifts the leaves of the ground, will it be strong enough to lift
my anguish and discomposure from me?

No, I don’t expect it too, but just a scant amount to vanish from me that is all I ask.

My condition keeps on deteriorating slowly, and it is surely destroying me piece-by-piece, day-by-day. Every breath that I inhale becomes weaker then the last.

The silence going around is not explainable but I manage to understand it somehow, without words being produced.

If only the breeze was strong I would jump up and allow myself to fly relentlessly
without fright, but unfortunately, somethings are not possible for such reasons.

There maybe solutions to solve the problems that one faces, but is there time to spare and find the solution?

— —

Hello bloggers! I hope everyone is well and happy.

My post today is a post about the problems that we face. We all have problems and we do
allow our problems to get the better of us, when actually we shouldn’t.

When we think it is time to give up, we should keep looking forward and searching
for a solution to a problem we are facing no matter how dark and difficult the situation may seem.

I hope you enjoy reading my post!





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