One Who Took

This is to the one who took everything valuable from me, all the things that I had, the person I treasured.

The secrets we shared and that love that we possessed. How did it all supervene before my eyes?

Everyday that passes by it burns within. Everyday it grows stronger that burn that is happening within.

I know he thinks I don’t know what is occurring around my surroundings, but that is where I guessed.

When he holds my hand a little tighter than usual, when he makes me think the two of us have a remarkable spark. Those were all extra apprehension added on to make it easier to abandon me.

You, the one who took everything from me, take him.

It does still burn a modest bit, every time my mind wonders back to those moments of ours. Ice is an element that I wish to keep upon me to keep that burn at a steady pace, yet, before the burn can reach its end the ice must melt and the burn arises once again.

But please don’t forget, you, who took it all from me, that when you answer him yes, that there was yet another that cannot forget how her heart collapsed from within.

And don’t forget, that he gave me everything, before you could reach we almost loved each other till it could hurt no bounds.

— —


24 thoughts on “One Who Took

    • Thoughts in Life says:

      I didn’t mean to make you sad but if you could relate I can understand the sadness that you must of felt. I am glad you liked my use. Trying to come up with different uses for words is a little challenge for me. Glad you appreciated it.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. gracie chick says:

    Hiya! You’re invited to my blog party and to join in my blogging project, if you like. Check out my latest post for details of both. Hope to see you there! Thanks,
    Gracie xxx


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