Adventures Await

Around the bright sun that shines during the day my roving heart calls as the moon makes its way above the skies.

The two are much deeper entwined than I could possibly fathom. But I will never know the depths of the situation before me, if I don’t push and try to grasp it.

I know things have not been smooth sailing for a while, but why not embark on a new adventure and set the tides upon us and see what is to be forthcoming?

Agony must be embraced, silence must be mangled and a thousand tiny pieces dispersed across the floor must be assembled. Once the pieces are assembled a promise must be set in motion and at no time bound to be broken.

Persistence and certitude in tone will be much harder to comprehend compared to heard from mouth to ones ear .

Can my soul bear the adventures that await for us? I do hope the yearning that is upon fades, as ice turns to water and remains clear and still.

— —

I hope you enjoy reading my post!


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