Without abstraction the endeavor is to forge a puddle of damage.

The beginning is but a gentle lacerate to the palm, but deep enough to recollect the inducement for infliction.

Days turn to nights and so forth which seems with no end.

Terms expressed with no meaning or thought, blood shed for your logic but pain turned to robustness by mine.

The denouement could never be scripted due to the point there was no end to torture unless the path we paved made it clear to freedom and aspiration.

— —

We allow events to unfold in our lives that we too at the end cannot recall why we allowed them to last for so long.

There is a reason why we have the ability to navigate the boat in which we sail through life. We must be the ones to control the sail connected to the ship in our life and when the storm becomes rough we must be able to navigate the sail to suit the changing of the weather.

I hope you enjoy reading my post!


19 thoughts on “Path

  1. gracie chick says:

    Hi! You probably remember contributing to my discussion post on makeup a few weeks ago. If so, you’l recall that I included a section detailing the thoughts of many different teens throughout the blogosphere. The result was amazing and everyone really got into the discussion element of it. So, I was thinking I’d make this a regular thing. If you’re interested in contributing your opinions to these future discussion posts, please let me know.

    Then, whenever I need your thoughts, I’ll send out an email (probably monthly) and you can reply with your contributions. If you sign up, you don’t have to participate very time. If you’re ever too busy or just don’t want to contribute that’s totally fine.

    Of course, please feel totally free to say no to this.

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