Falling Too

A forceful power drowning her head into a bucket of frozen water.

Unaware of her surrounding she can sense her living being seized from her own body.

No one there to assist her, but only the chuckles of those who seemed to be incorruptible.

struggling to maintain her few final breaths and conserving strength for afterwards but it is long overdue.

The water she had consumed was in immense amounts.

Though, the guilt from those who chuckled was immense and so they too fell with her to the ground.

— —

Hello bloggers,

How is the starting of the new year for you all? For me it is going pretty well, which is a little surprising.

I have been reading a few articles online for the past few days about how people are being bullied or they find themselves in a state where they do not feel like continuingย  forward due to the actions of one person.

Some of us literally give up, but we must remember that one day the person will realise all the pain they caused us, was not actually worth it. That is when they too, will tumble.

I hope you enjoy reading my post!


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