Will It Be Well?

Will it be well when you are no longer here in our residence?

Will it be well when my essence languishes?

Will it be well when you still obscure your eyes in enigmatic ways?

Will it be well? Solely how?

From my domain in but mere instances you mastered the art to evanescence.

I stagnated solitary, asking “Who else to pardon for pining my one function having difficulties performing?”

The air that kept me alive established a course to elude from my currently, weightless, pale form.

Now as mileage is crossed we are distant and there is truly no soul to listen to my bursting sound.

The quietude descry was deluding my mind with games, while cornered within without a way out.

Furthermore, I knew before the cease you would not return and so my cease was yet to be determined.

— —

I hope you enjoy reading my post!


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