Concealed Reflection

Aquamarine, is the semblance that derives to mind
Pellucid as crushed ice, almost reflective as a mirror

If only the rain drops that fell could be tied
Unfortunately, they decide to form nearer and clearer

Dancing close to the drops that produced puddles
soothes the idea of a reflection being seen

Hideousness is what wants to be concealed behind a screen
but all I persist with is my struggles

— —

Greetings fellow bloggers.

I cannot believe that we are already in April, how the days are turning into months so quickly. It is astounding.

Anyways, I feel like we have those days where we just want to hide behind anything within plain sight and that is okay. We are human and we have our weak moments. It is better to release those feelings instead of keeping them inside.

I hope you enjoy reading my post!

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