The days that soar pass me only manage to do so by penetrating deep wrath intra.

With such anguish being seasoned, there is no fortune to encounter rest.

I burnt my heart alongside a few souvenirs purchased by you a while ago in the hope to avail me in forgetting.

Abruptly, it all seems quite peculiar, awaking alone in the depth of the night hearing my breath breathe alone without an acquaintance.

An insignificant amount of consoling and it strikes what is unfolding with you.

You seat yourself upon your throne and decide whether or not to call on my title and reminisce about our past.

But I did not want to reminisce about your new dwelling, the exact way you craved for it.

I can no longer coexist with you.

I marvel at how we both became foreigners to one another and managed to fall apart, when once we were nearer than two citizens of one honest community.

— —

Greetings fellow bloggers.

I hope all are keeping well and enjoyed their weekends.

My post today is very random I had a few thoughts that wanted to be written so I decided to write about them. Not sure if I have made sense but my thoughts did not make quite a lot of sense too.

I hope you enjoy reading my post!


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