A Late Realisation

Entangled inside a sheet of your abyssal criticism,
I cannot assist the notion of being eaten up.
If only you were struck by wisdom.
How could I draw a blank, you still have plenty a more miles to travel
before you can grow up.

Who am I changing?
The mentation alone of rearranging your past is ranging mine.

Everything affirmed is but in my head.
If only they were aware of the dread passing through me,
they may have halted the spread of all the lies aforesaid.
— —

Greetings fellow Bloggers!
And yet again Friday is here and we bid farewell to another week.

Time is passing and more beautiful days are approaching, which I am proudly
glad to witness every waking day.

Not a lot to say about my post today. I enjoy writing about thoughts and realisations struck and so I do.

I hope you enjoy reading my post!


6 thoughts on “A Late Realisation

  1. mrhushhush says:

    WOW! What unique writing and what a gorgeous way to portray a thought.
    From what I’m getting, this is about enduring the pain of being criticized, belittled and looked down upon by immature people who talk about stuff they don’t know and judge.
    Really enjoyed this one 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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