You stab my heart a thousand times
from a periphery triple that amount.

Leave it be, it is only a matter of time
before my heart bursts out.

You alter your use of words
but it still holds a brevity known.

I take heed of the echo coming from you
chewing my words down to a thin bone.

The weight of a cabinet occupied with documents toppling on me
cannot account for the weight of hypothesis you have filled my mind with.

When will I finally be free?

I am so desperate I suppose all I need now is a blacksmith.

Only the blacksmith with his iron can ignite a heat
that will finally turn me obsolete.

— —

Greetings fellow Bloggers!

I do hope you all are well and had a splendid weekend.

We are once again nearing another end to another month.

My post today isn’t really connected to anything, just moments that splash between my eyes and managed to find their way into words.

I hope you enjoy reading my post!


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