Lacking Originality

Lacking originality manifests,
as long as we do not agitate
the originality of someone else.

There is a cause why we have our own mind,
to produce an entity that is not tied to someone else.

Though, through this all we emulate from others
forgetting that no matter how much we enshroud
their originality will placidly remain theirs creating wonders.

Guilt will creep back in a while from now
and initiate the preparations to plow
a patch of land and hold adequate area for yourself to lay.
— —

Greetings fellow bloggers.

Another week has entered and departing very shortly again. I do hope all
are well and enjoying day-to-day life.
My post today is very understandable. A lot of people have the tendency to
copy other people, why? I don’t know.
I suppose all have their own reasons, but if you dig deep within yourself you could create something more great.

I hope you enjoy reading my post!


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