The Game Shall Begin

It supervened, though, I cannot voice that I did not anxiously await its arrival. I clasped your hand through the indistinct of times, I held tight your eyes when the glare was blinding and I buried the word of mouth from your ears. When all stood against you, I rose and fought by your side. … Continue reading The Game Shall Begin



You stab my heart a thousand times from a periphery triple that amount. Leave it be, it is only a matter of time before my heart bursts out. You alter your use of words but it still holds a brevity known. I take heed of the echo coming from you chewing my words down to … Continue reading Blacksmith

Concealed Reflection

Aquamarine, is the semblance¬†that derives to mind Pellucid as crushed ice, almost reflective as a mirror If only the rain drops that fell could be tied Unfortunately, they decide to form nearer and clearer Dancing close to the drops that produced puddles soothes the idea of a reflection being seen Hideousness is what wants to … Continue reading Concealed Reflection


I surmised what you implied.¬†In this eventuality our notions were mutual. Though, presently the state of affairs was quite unusual and not likely doable. I am not forming any sense in my text due to the fact that the case was unfamiliar to me too. From the commencement my gaze was set on my target. … Continue reading Charade

Falling Too

A forceful power drowning her head into a bucket of frozen water. Unaware of her surrounding she can sense her living being seized from her own body. No one there to assist her, but only the chuckles of those who seemed to be incorruptible. struggling to maintain her few final breaths and conserving strength for … Continue reading Falling Too

Blazed Down

Observing the ink dripping down the feather upon paper antagonizes the approach of deliverance to the traitor whose name is engraved upon this letter. Meaningless words were easy to form, unlike the cruel torment caused by the thunder-storm beyond the ocean floor. Placate view was all that endured fulfillment. Hoping a coherent strategy would be … Continue reading Blazed Down


The cure to remedy my ailment that visits my throbbing subconscious everyday is the price of ones existence. Exiting is nearby for the ailment but why will it not exit through the passage that is not too distant? Existing is too inestimable. Than it could be that the suffering is being elongated to another height … Continue reading Patience


Without abstraction the endeavor is to forge a puddle of damage. The beginning is but a gentle lacerate to the palm, but deep enough to recollect the inducement for infliction. Days turn to nights and so forth which seems with no end. Terms expressed with no meaning or thought, blood shed for your logic but … Continue reading Path