You stab my heart a thousand times from a periphery triple that amount. Leave it be, it is only a matter of time before my heart bursts out. You alter your use of words but it still holds a brevity known. I take heed of the echo coming from you chewing my words down to … Continue reading Blacksmith



The days that soar pass me only manage to do so by penetrating deep wrath intra. With such anguish being seasoned, there is no fortune to encounter rest. I burnt my heart alongside a few souvenirs purchased by you a while ago in the hope to avail me in forgetting. Abruptly, it all seems quite … Continue reading Foreigners

Falling Too

A forceful power drowning her head into a bucket of frozen water. Unaware of her surrounding she can sense her living being seized from her own body. No one there to assist her, but only the chuckles of those who seemed to be incorruptible. struggling to maintain her few final breaths and conserving strength for … Continue reading Falling Too

One Who Took

This is to the one who took everything valuable from me, all the things that I had, the person I treasured. The secrets we shared and that love that we possessed. How did it all supervene before my eyes? Everyday that passes by it burns within. Everyday it grows stronger that burn that is happening within. … Continue reading One Who Took

Broken Bird

I know sometimes you may think I am a broken bird that cannot take flight no more. I know you  think every time I fall upon the ground  I don't have the strength to pick myself back up. Every time I manage to get my grip onto something I seem to lose myself a little more … Continue reading Broken Bird