Occurrence of Reality

I capture the concluding flight home but in the process I recede notion. I do not merit this. Yes, I have pledged dealings with the negative corner but to an extent to please all. What did you contrive for this same exhibit to occur? This is not due to my false executions and so I … Continue reading Occurrence of Reality

Concealed Reflection

Aquamarine, is the semblance¬†that derives to mind Pellucid as crushed ice, almost reflective as a mirror If only the rain drops that fell could be tied Unfortunately, they decide to form nearer and clearer Dancing close to the drops that produced puddles soothes the idea of a reflection being seen Hideousness is what wants to … Continue reading Concealed Reflection

Midnight Thoughts

Invisible lights paving their outlines among the dark sky Watching with strained eyes as a delicate butterfly takes flight Seems as though all is sweet and innocent like a delightful lullaby. Closing my eyes, awaiting the time to be carried away into a mystical land as long as I am being held on by a … Continue reading Midnight Thoughts

A Sound

Sounds unleashed from within, pugnacious to be detected through an echo. Swaying with gentle movement side-to-side awaiting to be discerned. Cracks submerge and slash their way across the faint breeze, Silently taking a path that leads straight to the peaceful meadow. Awaiting the summoning of the flame that was withholding the willingness to be heard. … Continue reading A Sound

Words of Explication

Accumulating pieces of writing paper upon books without perusing a word written upon neither Memories neglected to obey the task at hand Reading words, useless, when those words grasped no true explication Presently recalling they did, words held explication of eventualities that transpired¬† in but the imagination Crafting texts that penetrated the intellect in ineffable … Continue reading Words of Explication


As the petals bloom so bright it was almost possible to ignite an inferno, one that would radiate a light and grow into an aesthetic glow. Colours that twinkle delicately as a ruby but still manage to blind as the yellow sun. Truly, if it could be as wizardly as all delineated not a single … Continue reading Flowers


Descending from a height that is frightful does not injure, but the landing does. Such a descent should not incapacitate, rather it did. The eyes that propelled forward, they blazed a flame so fierce that the flame consumed the burning sight of my eyes but instead of closing my eyes they remained unlocked because the … Continue reading Descent


As she was obliterated from the scene she felt most firm at, all that was held high had revolved flat. Emotions were not discerned, they turned to ashes that were burned. All the gates held open for her did not concur with her decision. In the end she was eliminated, for nobody had repudiated the … Continue reading Fated