Lacking Originality

Lacking originality manifests, as long as we do not agitate the originality of someone else. There is a cause why we have our own mind, to produce an entity that is not tied to someone else. Though, through this all we emulate from others forgetting that no matter how much we enshroud their originality will … Continue reading Lacking Originality



The days that soar pass me only manage to do so by penetrating deep wrath intra. With such anguish being seasoned, there is no fortune to encounter rest. I burnt my heart alongside a few souvenirs purchased by you a while ago in the hope to avail me in forgetting. Abruptly, it all seems quite … Continue reading Foreigners


Without abstraction the endeavor is to forge a puddle of damage. The beginning is but a gentle lacerate to the palm, but deep enough to recollect the inducement for infliction. Days turn to nights and so forth which seems with no end. Terms expressed with no meaning or thought, blood shed for your logic but … Continue reading Path


Enough is enough. I cannot bear hearing another word from you. I was so honest with you. Couldn't you be the same towards me? Today, right now, everything has changed. Everything we were fighting for is over. Now it is time to set you free. Use those wings of yours and fly. This is the … Continue reading Enough!