Lacking Originality

Lacking originality manifests, as long as we do not agitate the originality of someone else. There is a cause why we have our own mind, to produce an entity that is not tied to someone else. Though, through this all we emulate from others forgetting that no matter how much we enshroud their originality will … Continue reading Lacking Originality



You stab my heart a thousand times from a periphery triple that amount. Leave it be, it is only a matter of time before my heart bursts out. You alter your use of words but it still holds a brevity known. I take heed of the echo coming from you chewing my words down to … Continue reading Blacksmith

Better Appearance

From where you abide can you fathom the clouds part and make direction for the skies entrance? My blood rises and boils , all I can reckon is vengeance. No matter the length you gaze your eyes, nothing will be converted. You have the skill to assure all is diverted. Begin your movement forward rather … Continue reading Better Appearance

Midnight Thoughts

Invisible lights paving their outlines among the dark sky Watching with strained eyes as a delicate butterfly takes flight Seems as though all is sweet and innocent like a delightful lullaby. Closing my eyes, awaiting the time to be carried away into a mystical land as long as I am being held on by a … Continue reading Midnight Thoughts


Birds chirping ever so silently, while hidden within solid branches of trees while I must endure the ear awakening sound of buzzing bees. Leaves lay upon the green, dew grass as dandelions blow with the ever light breeze. Staring outside my window the yellow and light scenes of orange sunlight blinds. Equally, the sun sparkles … Continue reading Sunrise


As the petals bloom so bright it was almost possible to ignite an inferno, one that would radiate a light and grow into an aesthetic glow. Colours that twinkle delicately as a ruby but still manage to blind as the yellow sun. Truly, if it could be as wizardly as all delineated not a single … Continue reading Flowers

Blazed Down

Observing the ink dripping down the feather upon paper antagonizes the approach of deliverance to the traitor whose name is engraved upon this letter. Meaningless words were easy to form, unlike the cruel torment caused by the thunder-storm beyond the ocean floor. Placate view was all that endured fulfillment. Hoping a coherent strategy would be … Continue reading Blazed Down