One Small Part of You!

Once again I find myself covered in your silence.
I lose myself like this, but your words still remain silent to me.
My tears cannot stay held back any longer and I find them running down my cheeks.
You carved me into a completely different person over the years, but now the cracks
on me are starting to become more clearer.
And inside me I know there is no point to stay strong and firm, because now
there is nothing left.

The part of you that I was holding on to, is now clear as ice gone.
My heart is torn from my chest when I see you right in front of me.
You suddenly appear to me like how we were before, but with a blink of an eye
you vanish into thin air!
What else is left for me?
Only a small part of you in my heart!

Through many white, sleepless nights, I thought about you.
Are you imagining my face? How much I cried for you to return.
How much I cried, it just pains to think about.
I am so tired now. I think it is time to release that piece of you left in my heart.
Even if tomorrow I break down, I hope you know that I will not be returning to you.
There is still little power left in me to make the right decisions, and I know
that you are not the right decision.
— —
Happy Sunday everyone! How is the weekend going?
Today my post is about moving on. A friend of mine is having a hard time, and we are
both from different countries, so I can’t be there for her physically to support her,
but mentally I am there for her.
Of course it is boy troubles, but don’t let that get you down.
It is hard to let go, but the sooner you do it the better. Dont let someone pull you along for their own pleasure, the sooner we realize it the less pain we will feel at the end!
I hope you enjoy reading my post!



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