Better Appearance

From where you abide can you fathom the clouds part
and make direction for the skies entrance?
My blood rises and boils ,
all I can reckon is vengeance.

No matter the length you gaze your eyes,
nothing will be converted.
You have the skill to assure
all is diverted.

Begin your movement forward rather
remaining a statue that you are portraying.
Your pockets may run deep but
you will be seized once all your acts are paid in full.

If only you could age like wine
there might have been a better appearance to you.
Yet, that wouldn’t have made a difference
because one day everything for you will fall through.
— —

Greetings fellow Bloggers,

I hope all are well and enjoying the weekend.
My post today is very random, I just felt like writing and put something
together on the spot. Not all is at it seems. Some discover this harder
than others do.

I hope you enjoy reading my post!



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