Everything seems so adventitious. Due to this my condition cannot be identified. I was exuberant just as everyone else until the hands of the clock stopped. In but a few moments solitude set in. A feeling not meant to be felt at such a sudden time. Everything is lost in but a few sudden moments … Continue reading Adventitious


Hello fellow bloggers around the world. I hope everyone is having a fabulous day! Today my post is a little different, it is about as we can tell from the title, it is about Anti Racism. The amazing Gracie at GracieChicksBlog has come up with a brilliant campaign idea. It is about Tackling Racism With Haikus. (Click Here … Continue reading Anti-Racism

Be You

There were things I wasn't buoyant with but I did them anyway, like I was stiff, lifeless. I did all this thinking I could galvanize you towards me though when I found no chance I stood still just like a tree, not moving, not thinking clearly, forgetting the life I lived freely. I lived my … Continue reading Be You

Dinky Diary!

Greetings fellow bloggers! I hope everyone is well and doing well. Today I am going to be posting about a fellow blogger Dinky Diary She has been bullied by another blogger on WordPress itself and was advised to delete her old blog. I find it sad and wrong that someone would just bully another blogger for … Continue reading Dinky Diary!