As she was obliterated from the scene she felt most firm at, all that was held high had revolved flat. Emotions were not discerned, they turned to ashes that were burned. All the gates held open for her did not concur with her decision. In the end she was eliminated, for nobody had repudiated the … Continue reading Fated



Your eyes look above, nowhere else but to the stars as it bears the most alluring beauty, while her eyes must be retained behind bars as she is kept for a hidden duty.   The clocks hands turn around and around, as you devote your time to the death of screams . Still everything has no sound, wishing she … Continue reading Chains


Leaping through the residences main door as I perceive the sight of my foe. With inadequate purpose to encounter a war but still dreading the intention of approaching one another. I can apprehend from the exterior sounds of thunder as I start to wonder, will my dear foe suffer from the thunder that will occur … Continue reading Foe