One Who Took

This is to the one who took everything valuable from me, all the things that I had, the person I treasured. The secrets we shared and that love that we possessed. How did it all supervene before my eyes? Everyday that passes by it burns within. Everyday it grows stronger that burn that is happening within. … Continue reading One Who Took


If I could control the hurricane that swirls around in my life I would be able to change the determination and thoughts of the ones around me as well as in me. The wind that lifts the leaves of the ground, will it be strong enough to lift my anguish and discomposure from me? No, I don't expect it … Continue reading Solutions


I want to become so many things in my life, but I don't want to if you are not there beside me. At times I feel empty. Something is missing inside of me, but I don't know what can fill that small piece left in me that needs filling up. That is the reason why … Continue reading Love!


Prancing around in the green meadow but dreading the sight of that fellow Suddenly Passion in our eyes and drama in our lives Gathering knowledge about us though time is moving very fast Enjoying our every moment together knowing deep down it won't last forever Relish, delight, strength and happiness surrounds us with no limits … Continue reading Almost


Everything seems so adventitious. Due to this my condition cannot be identified. I was exuberant just as everyone else until the hands of the clock stopped. In but a few moments solitude set in. A feeling not meant to be felt at such a sudden time. Everything is lost in but a few sudden moments … Continue reading Adventitious