Introduction Post

So the reason why I started this blog is because I am just an ordinary teenager like most of you out there. I have so many things that I want to share but I don’t know whom to share it with. I am not so popular, so I am like most other teens out there who don’t know who to turn to in difficult situations.

This blog is about anything that comes to my mind. If anybody has a problem that they would like to share with me I might be able to help you out with. (My own problems I am facing I will share with you all as well). Because I know how it feels when you have so much to say but you just don’t have anyone to turn to. I wont judge anyone because we are all not perfect, and most definitely I am not perfect.

I hope that some of you out there will find what I say interesting and encouraging. I write about as I mentioned: “anything and everything” that comes to my mind. And if you have any suggestions on what I should write, I will try my best to write on that. Or if you have a problem you are facing and you need advice I might dedicate my blog post to you!

I hope you find my blog posts interesting. Till my next post Goodbye!


14 thoughts on “Introduction Post

  1. abearbyanyothername says:

    Your blog is great. I love that there are people like you, striving to learn and grow, to connect and share.
    Just a note on internet security – I don’t recommend putting your personal email on your contact page, because of all the spammers etc. You have the “” address which is great – stick to that.
    Take care.

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  2. cattitudechronicles says:

    The human and I love your blog! She also home schooled her creatures – and she has a very close relationship with all of them. They have all excelled and are doing great now with creatures of their own – (Creatures that LOVE to harass cute little me)-😾

    It’s great that you started a blog. I stayed mine because the human wants me to write a book (and she journals)-

    In working on a book – life from a kat’s purrspective-

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